Monday, 2 June 2014

Zero Noodles

So 24 packs of these arrived at my door today.  

A single 200g portion of Zero Noodles contains just eight calories.

I am late coming to the noodle trend but I wanted to leave it a while and see what other people were saying about them. They work apparently just taste of nothing annd you have to get used to the rubbery texture. I am going to cook them tonight with some marinated chicken and vegetables. 

Zero Noodles have a similar calorie count to celery so could lead to a reduction in my daily calorie intake without making me feel hungry all the time. The noodles contain 96 per cent water and less than 4 per cent glucomannan fibre. So it’s surprising they fill you up...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thank You Buzz Feed

15 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Besides Exercise.

NOTE: Exercise is crucial to a healthy metabolism. You should still exercise. However, there are some additional methods that can help keep that engine revved up.

1. Eat foods with omega-3s.

2. Don’t forget to eat breakfast.

3. Snack when you are hungry. (Healthy snacks)

4. Spice up your life.

5. Engage in some heavy breathing.

6. Drink some green tea.

7. Eat dark chocolate.

8. Eat yogurt.

9. Include more lean protein in your diet.

10. Don’t ever skip meals.

11. Drink plenty of cold water.

12. Go nuts!

13. Take some time to de-stress.

14. Have a light snack right before bed.
 (I struggle with this one, I would rather go to bed hungry and look forward to my breakfast)

15. Get some shut eye.

For all the information - boost-your-metabolism-besides-exercise


Monday, 19 May 2014

Hello Again Skinnies

Hey skinny ladies,

I needed to take time out to fix my mind, its fixed (kind of). Long story short I got a little too obsessed, a little too ill and I needed to climb out of the rabbit hole so my husband would stop worrying about me. After gaining my sanity back oh and a few bastard pounds I am going to lose weight again, the right way this time though. 

I will not be posting anything new on supersize v superskinny, I am not allowed to watch that show any longer =/ I am 20 bloody 7! (but yeah I know its for the best). 

I will no longer be posting anymore reverse thinspo, not because of the backlash I received for it but because its a massive trigger for me, as I sometimes believed I was that big. But if people want to be and are happy with being big then let them *shrugs*

Anyway I am a brides maid in 5 months (yuck cadburys purple coloured dress... yay great...) so the plan is to lose half a stone for then. Reasonable, not too noticeable and definitely do able!

Plan of attack!

Keep working out. I have a personal trainer, young fit thing called Leo. He's killing me! I hate him! I ache for days afterwards.

Eat right! I still count calories (number freak) it was one of the many things they just couldn't stop me from doing although I have managed to up the amount of calories I eat.

Fruit is my friend. I need to eat more of it (not a fan) instead of low calorie cardboard. 

My fruity snack at the moment - Blend four big ice cubes, a tin of peaches, a tin of pineapple (only the stuff in natural juices) and 200 mls of orange juice. You got yourself four servings of a lovely thick drink at 90 cals a pop. Takes me forever to drink too and fills me up!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Your Food Diary

I am guessing we all have an online food diary but I love a diary I can hold and scribble down in. I find it's more personal than my online one, it goes everywhere with me and is a constant reminder of my goals for that day. 

This is my 2014 food diary -

Does anyone else have a food diary like this? Would love to see what yours looks like (nosey) blog a picture or email me :) x

Milly Moon, the front of this book reminds me of you and your art x

Monday, 13 January 2014


LIKENESS is a personal meditation on eating disorders created by Rodrigo Prieto and his daughter. The short film stars Elle Fanning as a girl struggling with self-perception, and challenges us to consider the role of society in presenting an idealized image of the female body.

Damn Muffin Top!

I have such a muffin top and I am disgusted with myself. I went into town for a jumper yesterday and I came out with a dress instead, the jumper just screamed - CHECK OUT MY CHUNKINESS!  *Grumbles* Toooooooo the gym again for the 9th day in a row for some serious cardio!

15 exercises - Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Down Another Pound!

3 more and I will be back in the 20's! Come on skinnies we can do this!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Avoiding Too Many Cals On A Friday

I am going to use a meal plan from the 5:2 diet today. 

Reminder of the 5:2 diet - The 5:2 diet is all about sticking to a healthy 2000 calories for five days and fasting on no more than 500 calories for two days.

Eating 2000 calories!? Yeah that's not happening... but I do love the 500 calorie day plans which get me through the weekend when the family want a take away or expect me to join them in a snack with our afternoon cup of tea. 

Breakfast: Omelette. Use 3 egg whites, 80g mushrooms and 80g spinach. Calories so far: 60.

Lunch:  Sainsbury’s tabbouleh salad 147 cals 

Snack: 50g of blueberries in the afternoon 28 cals. Calories so far: 235.

Dinner: This sizzling chicken and cashew stir-fry 257 cals beats a crazy high cal takeaway. 

Total intake for whole day: 492 calories.
And with my afternoon workout my low calorie day is complete!   

COSMO MAGAZINE has a more simple version of meal plans if you can't be doing with all that cooking and messing up the kitchen x Cosmo 5:2 Diet

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lets Begin... Again!

A very late but very happy new year to you all! 

"Were the hell have you been!?" I know, I know sorry about the absence but I was having therapy.

I no longer purge*High 5* 

The urge is still there but I am controlling it. I had to write countless essays on my history with food, obsessions, aspirations etc etc. I might chuck a few up here sometime. 

I am not yet therapy free, I see F fortnightly now instead of weekly, so that must be a good thing? 

Therapy made me I gain pounds =/ going from my OK 126lbs to 138lbs NOT THE 30's! *grumbles* But since last Friday I have managed to get down to 134lbs by calorie controlling and working out. 

You can see my meal plans for the week on Myfitnesspal I must warn you its a very low calorie week. But I lost 4 lbs so I cant complain. 

Going to have a clean up of this messy blog now ooo and to catch up with all my blogging ladies! Missed you! Please don't email me asking for advise on how to purge I just can't deal with that anymore. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Ever wanted to say this to someone so badly it makes you physically shake? I desperately want to say this to someone right now! *Closes eyes* Deep breaths it will pass...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Skinny Tea

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

Has anyone tried Skinny Me tea? I follow them on Facebook and always check out the before and after pictures and now really tempted to give it a go.